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Turning Points in History: The Industrial Revolution

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Useful Web Sites on the Industrial Revolution and its Global Impact and the Industrial Revolution (Thomas G Andrews, Teaching History) [Middle School] transformed (Lewis Hackett, Industrial Revolution, 1992) [Senior School] of international migration: Industrial Revolution (Marlou Schrover, Leiden University) [Senior School]

[magazine article]Immigration and the American industrial revolution from 1880 to 1920 [magazine article] (Charles Hirschman and Elizabeth Mogford, Social Science Research, 2009) [Senior School], Industrial Revolution and urban growth in the United States, 1820-1920: factor endowments, technology and geography (Sukkoo Kim, National Bureau of Economic Research, 2007) [Senior School] of the Industrial Revolution (Eric Bond...and others, 2003) [Middle School] Revolution (World Geography, 2010) [Middle School] and imperialism (Stuart B Schwartz, Industrialization And Western Global Hegemony, International World History Project, 1992) [Senior School] and its consequences 1750-1914 CE (World History for Us All, San Diego State University) [Middle School] and the world economy (Larry E Gates, Jr, History Page, Georgetown High School) [Senior School] Marx and socialism (V Cleary, Modern World History Interactive Textbook) [Senior School] The West and The World - Chapter 7 Industrial Revolution (Markville Secondary School) [Senior School] and Japan - industrialization outside the West (Peter N Stearns, Michael Adas and Stuart B Schwartz, International World History Project, 1992) [Senior School] 1800s: Industrial Revolution and imperialism (Michael G Maxwell, Maxwell Learning) [Middle School] British Industrial Revolution in global perspective: how commerce created the Industrial Revolution and modern economic growth (Robert C Allen, Oxford University, 2006) [Senior School] ecological impact of the Industrial Revolution (Eric McLamb, Ecology Communications Group, 2011) [Middle School] emergence of industrial society in the West, 1750–1914 (Peter N Stearns...and others, World Civilizations, Pearson, 2007) [Senior School] Industrial Revolution (Henderson's History Haven, West Forsyth High School) [Middle School] Industrial Revolution (Marieke Van Ophem, American History from Revolution to Reconstruction and Beyond, University of Groningen) [Senior School] Industrial Revolution (Thomas Ladenburg, Digital History, University of Houston, 2007) [Middle School] Industrial Revolution and its environmental impacts (Working with our environment, Lab Space, Open Learn, Open University) [Senior School] Industrial Revolution and its impact on our environment (Eco Issues) [Middle School] Industrial Revolution in America (Henry J Sage, Sage American History, 2013) [Middle School] Industrial Revolution: a timeline (George P Landow, Victorian Web, 2012) [Middle School] spread of industrialization and its phases (V Cleary, Modern World History Interactive Textbook) [Middle School] West in the Age of Industrialization and Imperialism (Sara Lyons Watts, Wake Forest University) [Senior School] and the Industrial Revolution in transport and communications (Robert Lee, Chapter 1, Linking a Nation: Australia's Transport and Communications 1788 - 1970, Australian Heritage Council, Australian Government, 2003) [Middle School] and the Commonwealth: the greatness of an Australian resource (University of Queensland, 2009) [Senior School] from settlement to the start of the new century (Year Book Australia, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2001) [Middle School]


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