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Abbott 'bullying' Labor on data retention laws, says Ludlam (Max Chalmers, New Matilda, 2015) 

Data retention: Journalists' union labels Tony Abbott's defence of metadata protections "ludicrous" (Emma Griffiths, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2015) 

Data retention laws mean whistleblowers will become rarer and rarer [newspaper article] (Jonathan Holmes, The Age, 2015) 

Data retention laws pass Federal Parliament as Coalition and Labor vote together (Emma Griffiths, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2015) 

Data retention scheme has majority support from Australians [magazine article] (Stephanie Dunstan, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute for International Policy, 2015) 

If you can't protect it, don't collect it: metadata, privacy and the police (David Shoebridge, New Matilda, 2015) 

Labor and journalists have sold you out on Brandis' surveillance law (Hannah Ryan, New Matilda, 2015) 

Ludlam demolishes data retention bill (Jon Lawrence, Electronic Frontiers Australia, 2015) 

Mandatory data retention laws pass Australian Parliament (Claire Reilly, CNet, 2015) 

Metadata to be held for two years (Tom Iggulden, Lateline, 2014)

New data world order: government can read every Australian like an open book [newspaper article] (Paul Farrell, The Guardian, 2015) 

Senate passes controversial metadata laws [newspaper article] (Elise Scott, Sydney Morning Herald, 2015) 

Telstra to keep customer metadata in Australia (Business Spectator, 2015) 

We are all suspects now thanks to Australia’s data retention plans (Bruce Baer Arnold, The Conversation, 2015) 

While you were watching the cricket last night, Labor helped Brandis pass his data retention laws (Max Chalmers, New Matilda, 2015) 

Your guide to the data retention debate: what it is and why it’s bad (Bernard Keane, Crikey, 2015) 

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