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Find quality web sites here. Check out the section on Modern European History > World War 1914-1918 - Causes

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Lessons from ABC Splash

Visit ABC Splash for videos, interactive activities and digibooks on World War I and Gallipoli.

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Find a good summary of the topic, as well as web sites, primary sources and magazine articles.

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Fiction set in World War I

Online Books

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World War I Links

World War I in Six Minutes

History Channel

Watch History Channel videos on World War I.

For Teachers






The battleships -Clash of the dreadnoughts

359.8352 CLA



Gallipoli: the last crusade.

940.426 GAL

Gallipoli: untold stories

940.4 LAF

Gallipoli; virtual  tour

940.4 GAL

Great battles of the Great War

940.426 GRE

The Great War

940.4 GRE

Here comes Kitchener's Army

940.426 HER

The last day of WWI

940.4 LAS


940.3 POZ

The Salient

940.426 SAL

The shot that started the Great War

940.311 SHO

Books in our Library on World War I

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