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Investigating the Ancient Past: Investigating the Ancient Past

What is History?

'History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.' Napoleon Bonaparte

History is the study of humanity. Students of history investigate the events, ideas and people of the past.

History examines:

  • the way people lived
  • how they thought
  • how and why their way of life developed and changed
  • how these changes affected them
  • how our lives today have been shaped by the people of the past (how they changed us!)

Why Study History?

Historical Inquiry

Ancient Australia

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For Teachers

Bone Detectives - a series of DVDs from the Discovery channel

DIG: A simulation of the archaeological reconstruction of a vanished civilization - a PDF file containing the class activity; download from the library catalogue

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View the Scootle resources linked to this topic in the Australian Curriculum.

Books in our Library on Archaeology

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