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Owen Leong: Owen Leong

Works by Owen Leong

Infiltrator - Bone

2011, cosmetic grade bleached beeswax, paraffin wax, spirit level, rice. 17 x 35 x 25cm

Self Portrait as Landscape

2018, concrete, marble dust, beeswax, white quartz, steel base

34 x 35 x 24cm


2014, archival pigment print on cotton paper, 120 x 120 cm

winner the 2015 Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award

A ‘mudra’ is a spiritual gesture made with the hands and fingers in Hinduism and Buddhism. In this self-portrait the artist, cloaked dramatically in black, reflects on his Chinese heritage and cultural knowledge as he holds his own hands cast in the forms of mudras as a gesture towards healing. In his right hand is held the karana mudra, a powerful gesture for dispelling negative energy, while in his left he holds the gyan mudra, for opening oneself to knowledge.

Art and Australia Journal

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Vol 45, No 2, Summer 2007


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