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Brian Robinson: Brian Robinson


'Feeding the family pets', 2017
45cm x 65cm, linocut printed in black ink from one block. Edition 1/20. (c)Photo: Fanny Saumure

Guardian of the blooms, 2014, wall-based sculpture, mixed media, 200 x 300cm

Brian ROBINSON (Maluyligal/Wuthathi/Dayak peoples) 
Picasso’s Lagau Minaral 2016
On loan from the artist.

Image: Brian Robinson A curious bunch of bits and bobs - Oceanic artefacts at the Australian Museum 2016 etching ed. 1/10 49.2 x 98.7 cm

Brian Robinson, XXlllVllMCMLXXlll | XVllVllMCMXVll [When Worlds Collide], 2012

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Vol 35, No 1 Spring 1997