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Richard Tipping: Richard Tipping



 © Richard Tipping 2000

   Artist statement on Watermark:

"This sculpture is meant to evoke the power of the Brisbane River sweeping around this curve at new Farm, triggering memories of the massive floods of 1893 and 1974, and anxieties about the next. The word flood appears in thick solid letters, styled in a san serif font, with only the top third showing, like a headline literally going under. The title Watermark means both a mark showing the height to which water has risen, and a design impressed into paper which is visible when held to the light, guaranteeing authenticity.Giving weight to words, and seeing letters as sculptural forms, mirrors the ways we make thought concrete. Our words become shapes which reflect the energies we speak, and the ideas and passions which they contain."



Photographer unknown [from social media] 2011

Artist statement on Watermark:

"When I was commissioned to make Watermark in 2000, I was told that there would never be another flood in Brisbane, thanks to the Wivenhoe Dam. Unfortunately history repeated in January 2011, and remarkably the sculpture became the literal watermark showing the final height of the flood a couple of centimeters above its ground level.

Each letter is self-contained, made of plate steel which has been welded into an airtight form to prevent internal rust.

Meat mart, 1980, from the portfolio The Sydney Morning, vol III: word works 1979-1992

screen print on white wove paper

Australia poet, 1983, from the portfolio The Sydney Morning, volume I: word works & ideagraphics 1967-1988


screenprint on white wove paper

Danger - postmodernism, from the portfolio The Sydney Morning, vol III: word works 1979-1992


Screenprint on white wove paper

Speed Trap (two independent but related works) 2015

Speed Trap (two independent but related works) 2015