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Ah Xian: Ah Xian



Ah Xian, Porcelain Portraits, 2014

Approached about the portrait of Yu, his first commission, he hesitated, for its difficulties were legion. In 2003, having made a cast of Yu’s head and shoulders, he conceived a design incorporating ‘a contrast and tension between the completely celadon bust of John Yu and colourful little children climbing around him, yet great harmony as well’. Referring to the Chinese traditional style of putting some children’s figures around the Laughing Buddha, the bust reflects the shared cultural background of artist and sitter, the honourable profession of paediatrics, and Yu’s passion for celadon-glazed ceramics.

Human Human - Lotus Cloisonné Figure 1, 2000 - 2001
cloisonne ware

sculptures, cast and hand built porcelain in celadon glaze

Porcelain body cast with cloisonne enamel, artist's chop and dated 2001

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Vol 43, No 2, #Three Autumn 2006