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For Teachers

An audiobook of Charlotte's Web is available from the LEC.

  • Charlotte is Wise, Patient, and Caring: Adjectives & Character Traits
    Found on Read, Write, Think
  • Charlotte's Web: Core Knowledge Foundation
    This unit will take the students through the story Charlotte’s Web. As the students progress through the book they will learn about plot, setting and character as well as the values of
    Nine lessons plus Culminating Activity, approximately 60 minutes each
  • Charlotte's Web & Science Link
    This unit is written for a variety of learners.
    It integrates Language
    Arts and Science.
    Students learn the value of friendship and how each character portrays friendship through the creation of character webs, advertisements, and character scrapbooks. They learn the seasonal cycle and how it effects life cycles.
  • Charlotte's Web Activities
    Fantastic higher order thinking skills. Vehicle for text-based evidence

Games about Charlotte's Web

Some of the games have advertisements before the game begins.

Borrow the movie from the library.

Explore Charlotte's Web

E.B. White

E.B. White also wrote Stuart Little, about a mouse who is adopted by a human family. Check out the trailer and then read the book.

Harper Collins Childrens: Charlotte's Web

Contains information about the book and the author, as well as games and activities.

Farm Animals

Learn more about the animals in Charlotte's Web.



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