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Coastal Landscapes and Landforms: Coastal Landscapes and Landforms

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Resort Rescue

Come to Sunset Waters resort in tropical Australia and look at the effects of development over 15 years. The resort's in trouble, and needs to be made sustainable. Can you help?

Problems relate to fish stocks, coral, wildlife, sedimentation and coastal erosion. There are also social and economic impacts.

Compare three proposals to maximise three things: economic performance, environmental protection and community satisfaction. Recommend a solution and look at the long-term outcomes.


What is Coastal Erosion?

Coastal Management

In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales, Newport, and author of Coastal Systems (2008, Routledge).

For Teachers


  • Coastal Landforms and Management 551.457 COA
  • Coastal Processes and Landforms 551.457 COA 

Blackline Masters

  • Coasts and oceans : coasts, types of waves, erosion and deposition by waves, landforms by erosion and deposition, beaches, dunes, fiord coastlines, the oceans : illustrated blackline masters 551.45 CAT


  • Australian Coasts and Oceans
  • Grasses - Coasts and Wetlands
  • Managing the Natural Environment - Coasts

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