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Books in our Library on Day and Night

ABC Splash

Online Books

Click on the links below to access these PDF books. They can only be accessed within the school network.

Comets, asteroids and meteorites

The Sun

Earth's atmosphere

The Moon

The Stars

The Planets

This resource is available on a CD ROM or can be accessed on G Drive: Common: Library: The New Solar System.

Teacher Resources

BBC Interactives

Earth's Rotation and Revolution

World Book Kids

Visit the World Book Kids Encyclopaedia and search for the sun or the moon.

To access from home, you will need to log in. Username: pacluth1 Password: library


TigTag is a collection of Science video clips and associated activities on a range of topics for the primary school.

You will need to log in. If you have not yet set up a log in, see Nell.

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