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Life in the Fast Lane: Life in the Fast Lane

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The Weight of the Nation

A series of four documentaries from HBO about the obesity crisis in America.

Useful Web Sites Australia becomes fast food nation and moves to 11th position for spending on takeaway (Annie Markey and Callie Watson, News Limited, 2011) [Middle School] Australia's junk food addiction (Sky News, 2015) [Middle School] Australian study links junk food to smaller brains (Tom Nightingale, PM, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2015)[Middle School] Australian teenagers' health put at risk by poor diet(Virtual Medical Centre, 2007) [Middle School] Average Australian eats fast food nearly every week(Jane Holroyd, Good Food, 2014) [Middle School]

[newspaper article] CSIRO Healthy Diet test: Australians get a dismal score of C [newspaper article] (Peter Munro, Sydney Morning Herald, 2015) [Middle School] Eating well while eating out (Teens Health, Nemours Foundation) [Middle School] Experts say marketing of junk food to children must be restricted (Jake O’Shaughnessy, Virtual Medical Centre, 2008)[Middle School] Fast food as family meals limits healthy food intake, Increases obesity risk (Medical News Today, 2007) [Middle School] Fast food consumption increases obesity risk (Food Navigator, 2004) [Middle School]

[interactive] Fast Food Facts [interactive] [Middle School] Fast Food Nutrition [Middle School] Fast food nutrition facts (Fuel the Mind) [Middle School] Food to have sometimes (Better Health Channel, Victorian Government) [Middle School] Healthy eating (Teen Health, Children, Youth and Women's Health Service, South Australian Government) [Middle School] Healthy eating tips for teens (Lisa Margolin, Better Health USA) [Middle School] Healthy fast food: tips for making healthier fast food choices (Maya W Paul, Help Guide) [Middle School]

[audio] Junk food feeds regional obesity [audio] (Bush Telegraph, Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2013)[Middle School] Junk food vs. healthy nutrition for children (MedicineNet, 2007) [Middle School] Make your own fast food (MedicineNet) [Middle School] Marketing fast food as “Australian”: not a fair go(Alessandro R Demaio, The Conversation, 2013) [Middle School] McDonald’s feels the pinch, but fast food is fighting fit(Anish Nagpal and Kristijan Causovski, The Conversation, 2015)[Senior School] Obesity and fast food (John Funder, Obesity Australia, 2011) [Middle School] Overeating fast food carbs causes signs of liver damage(Walter Jessen, Highlight Health) [Middle School]

[newspaper article] Proximity to fast food linked to obesity [newspaper article] (The Australian, 2014) [Middle School] The average American youth: nutritionally uneducated, nutrient deprived (Talia Fuhrman, Diseaseproof, 2010) [Middle School]

[multimedia] The ugly facts the fast food giants want to hide [multimedia] (News Limited, 2014) [Middle School]


Fast Food: Fat Profits