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Car Loans

A guide to motor vehicle and car stamp duty (Stratton Finance, 2012)

Buying a car (Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 2016)

Car financing: your complete guide (Lesley Parker, Drive, 2010)

Car loan small print (Bankwest) 

Car loan: balloon payment and residual value explained(Stratton Finance)

Car loans (Beyond Bank Australia, 2013)

Car loans fact sheet (Money Smart, Australian Government, 2011) 

Get ready to drive it away: loans for buying a car(Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) 

Guide to buying a car (Esanda, 2015) 

The A to Z of arranging car finance (Stratton Finance)

Top 10 car loan tips (Australian Credit and Finance, 2015)

What is the best way to pay for a car purchase? (Stratton Finance) 

Credit Cards

Borrowing and credit (Money Smart, Australian Government)

Credit and debt (Practical Money Skills for Life, Visa) 

Credit cards (Murray Bourne, Interactive Mathematics) 

Credit cards (Center for Financial Planning and Investment)

Debt: paying off debt (Money Essentials, Cable News Network, 2015) 

Financial planning / credit [video] (Kids' Money for Teens)

Kids and money: teaching kids about credit (Money Essentials, Cable News Network, 2015) 

Owing (The Mint, Northwestern Mutual Foundation) 

Personal loans (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) 

Personal loans vs credit cards: what’s your best option?(Money Buddy) 

Your choice of credit cards (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) 

Higher Education Loan Program

Education minister says uni fees won’t change for 2016 (Alexandra Hansen, The Conversation, 2015)

Future students: financial assistance (University of Queensland) 

HECS upon you: NATSEM models the real impact of higher uni fees (Ben Phillips, The Conversation, 2014) 

HELP is in need of help (Timothy Higgins, The Conversation, 2014) 

HELP paying my fees (Study Assist, Australian Government) 

Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) (Department of Education and Training, Australian Government) 

Higher Education Loan Program (HELP): a quick guide (Coral Dow and Carol Ey, Parliament of Australia, 2014) 

Higher Education Loan Programme (Year Book Australia, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2008) 

Is the Government's plan to charge interest on existing student loans a broken contract? (Fact Check, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2014) 

Policy note HELP: understanding Australia’s system of income-contingent student loans (Group of Eight Australia 2014)  

Someone always pays: why higher education is never free (Gwilym Croucher, The Conversation, 2013) 

Working while you study: higher education loan schemes (Australian Taxation Office, Australian Government, 2015)


Australian Ethical Investment and Superannuation

Bonds: investing in bonds (Money Essentials, Cable News Network, 2015) 

Ethical investment on the rise (Benn Bathgate, Good Returns, 2010) 

Gold rush? (Murray Bourne, Interactive Mathematics) 

Investing (Money Smart, Australian Government) 

Investing (Sorted, Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income, 2014) 

Investing (The Mint, Northwestern Mutual Foundation) 

Keen to be green? Follow your values with your money [newspaper article] (Janet de Silva, Sydney Morning Herald, 2007) 

Kinds of investments (Sorted, Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income, 2014) 

Personal > shares and investments (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) 

Smarter investing (Australian Bankers' Association) 

Types of investments (Monetary Authority of Singapore, 2014) 

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