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Living Things: Features and Habitats: Home

Lessons from ABC Splash

Books in the Library on Habitat

Fiction on Habitats

Online Books

Click on the covers to read. These resources are only available within the school network.



Can you match the animal to its home?              Rainforest Song

(Requires Scootle password)

DK Findout

Read about various habitats and the plants and animals that live there.



TigTag is a collection of Science video clips and associated activities on a range of topics for the primary school.

You will need to log in. If you have not yet set up a log in, see Nell.

Bug Hunt

Play the Bug Hunt game or explore Jessica's notebook to learn about predators and pollinators.

Features of Living Things

For Teachers

Available from the primary science section of the library:


  • The A-Z of Australian Insects
  • The Incredible Exploding Grasshopper
  • The Good and Bad Bug Poster
  • Insect Safari: How many of these insects can you find in your backyard?


  • Giant Magnetic Insects (14 insects and activity guide) 595.7 GIA
  • Large Plastic Insects and Arachnids (set of 12) 595.7 LAR
  • Minibeasts: Insects and Spiders (15 individual specimens encased in glass + teacher's guide) 595.7 MIN

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