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Assisted Reproductive Technologies Assignment

QUT CiteWrite

Correct referencing is an essential skill in Science. Use CiteWrite to find the correct way to reference your sources. Remember to use a variety of quality sources. 



Library Webs

Use Library Webs to find quality web sites. If accessing from home you will need to log in using user name "pacific" and password "college".

Search the State Library Databases

Search the State Library of Queensland site for databases, journal articles, academic papers, datasets etc. You need to sign up for a free State Library membership.

Books in our Library on IVF

For Teachers


Making Babies: Genetically Correct 571.84 MAK

The Baby Lab 618.178 BAB

Test Tube Babies 618.178 TES

Baby Making: The New A.R.T. of Life 618.178 BAB

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