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Jeannie Baker is an artist, author and film-maker. Born in Croydon, England on November 2 1950, Jeannie grew up the eldest of six children. As a child she loved drawing, painting and making things. She attended art college at Brighton Polytechnic before emigrating to Australia in 1975 and becoming a children’s writer. She is now based in Sydney.

eannie Baker is a multi-award winning author and illustrator of a number of children’s picture books, perhaps most notable of which is Where the Forest meets the Sea
She has a unique and distinctly recognisable style and is well known for her use of mixed media to create detailed and elaborate collages. She addresses a diverse range of issues in her work, including family, society, sustainability and environment. The Australian outback and wildlife has also had an enormous impact on Jeannie Baker’s art with many of her books having an environmental focus.