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Kings Beach: Home

How has Kings Beach changed over time?

Five bathers in the shallows at Kings Beach. On the hill is a large building which was the Kings Grand Central Guest House, ca 1934.

Kings Beach 1935, postcard

Christmas at Kings Beach 1961

Overlooking King's Beach from Wickham Point; Postcard from 1970

Greetings from Caloundra, 1970, postcard of Kings Beach

Overlooking the swimming pool at King's Beach, Caloundra, 1970, postcard

Kings Beach 1970

Boisterous surf at King's Beach Caloundra, 1984, postcard

Kings Beach Ocean Pool 2022

Kings Beach Ocean Pool

The Kings Beach Pool (also known as the Sir Francis Nicklin Memorial Pool) is located on the rocks at the northern end of Kings Beach, Caloundra. The pool commemorates Sir Francis Nicklin who was the Premier of Queensland from 1957 to 1968.

It was opened in 1977.

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How did Kings Beach get its name?

In 1925 Kings Beach was named when the Caloundra Beach Estate was established. Kings Beach was named after the King family, who moved to the area in 1893. In 1908 Allan and Eliza King built Kings Grand Central (see picture below), an early guest house near a sand track later to become the corner of Edmund and King St.

It was a popular place to stay and in 1935 a second storey was added to the wooden structure to accommodate the increasing number of holiday visitors.

The building was demolished to make way for the construction of the Perle Hotel, which was opened on the site on August 1, 1957.

In 1991 the Perle Hotel was rebuilt and is now the Kings Beach Tavern.

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