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Learning Styles


What is your Learning Style?

Take the questionnaire to see what your learning style is.

Useful Web Sites

How to determine different types of learners (Sponge, 2014)  

Learning styles (Liz Bogod, LD Pride)  

Learning styles in children (Fiona Baker, Kidspot)  

Learning styles: the four modalities (Center for Student Learning, College of Charleston, 2016)  

Styles of learning (Barry McWilliams, Eldrbarry, 2016)  

Teaching and learning styles (Lyceum Books)  

Understanding your learning style [powerpoint] (Wilfred Laurier University, 2008)  

What's your learning style? 20 questions [interactive] (Education Planner)  

Best Study Tips for Your Learning Style


What Type of Learner Are You?

Books in our Library on Study Skills