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Sir Cumference

The Sir Cumference books are a great resource for teaching geometry lessons! Set in the court of Camelot, each tale is actually a geometry lesson, with a mystery or dilemma that can only be solved with the aid of geometry knowledge and tools. Some books are great for introducing a concept, while others are best to use once students are familiar with the concepts covered. 

Each of the main characters is cleverly named after geometry terms. There's:
- Sir Cumference, a knight in Camelot
          - Lady Di of Ameter, his dutiful wife
          - Radius, their brave and beloved son
          - Perimeter, the cousin of Radius
          - and others (including, of course, the legendary King Arthur)


DK Findout Maths

Measuring Time

For Teachers


In Primary Maths collection:

  • measuring tapes and rulers
  • measuring jugs and beakers
  • scales and weights
  • trundle wheels
  • sandtimers, clocks and stop watches
  • Charts - Fun with Clock Time; Learning to Tell the Time
  • Games - Just a Minute; Time Mat; Look and Lay Shapes
  • geometric shapes - plastic, wooden, transparent, 2D and 3D
  • activity cards for 2D and 3D geometric shapes
  • pattern blocks
  • polydron class packs
  • tangrams


Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Visit this web site for resources on

  • fractions
  • mental computation
  • fractions
  • reasoning
  • statistics

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