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Investigate and use the properties of odd and even numbers (ACMNA071)

Recognise, represent and order numbers to at least tens of thousands (ACMNA072)

Apply place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers to at least tens of thousands to assist calculations and solve problems(ACMNA073)

Investigate number sequences involving multiples of 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (ACMNA074)

Recall multiplication facts up to 10 × 10 and related division facts (ACMNA075)

Develop efficient mental and written strategies and use appropriate digital technologies for multiplication and for division where there is no remainder (ACMNA076)

Investigate equivalent fractions used in contexts(ACMNA077)

Count by quarters halves and thirds, including with mixed numerals. Locate and represent these fractions on a number line (ACMNA078)

Recognise that the place value system can be extended to tenths and hundredths. Make connections between fractions and decimal notation (ACMNA079)

Solve problems involving purchases and the calculation of change to the nearest five cents with and without digital technologies(ACMNA080)

Explore and describe number patterns resulting from performing multiplication (ACMNA081)

Solve word problems by using number sentences involving multiplication or division where there is no remainder (ACMNA082)

Use equivalent number sentences involving addition and subtraction to find unknown quantities (ACMNA083)View additional details about Critical and creative thinking

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In Primary Maths collection:


  • Addition 0-12 513.211 ADD
  • Fun with Sums: Addition and Subtraction 510.76 MAT
  • Math Bingo: Addition and Subtraction 510.76 MAT
  • Subtraction 0-12 513.212 SUB
  • Win with Maths: Early Numeracy Games 793.74 BOO
  • Fraction Action 513.26 FRA
  • Fraction Dominoes 513.26 FRA
  • Fraction Formula 513.26 FRA

Teaching Resources

  • DecaCards 513.5 DEC
  • Giant Magnetic Base Ten Set 513.55 GIA
  • Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set 513.55 GIA
  • Multilink pattern boards, number tracks and bases 510 LIN
  • Numbers 1-100 Flashcards 513.211 NUM
  • Play money sets 332.4 PLA
  • Box of Facts 513.2 IRO
  • Fraction Circles 513.26 FRA
  • Fraction Tiles 513.26 FRA

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  • fractions
  • mental computation
  • fractions
  • reasoning
  • statistics

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