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Big Books

Title  Mathematical Concept
The Fun Machines Addition and Subtraction
A Dozen Dizzy Dinosaurs Division (Equal Groups)
Joe’s Carrots   Missing-Addend Subtraction
Bears on Buses Active Addition 
A Bear’s Share Division (Sharing)
Where is Hare?  Position, Direction and Movement   
Our Sister’s Surprise          Missing-Addend Subtraction
The Pirates’ Gold Division (Sharing)
The Big Bug Band  Multiplication (Arrays)
The Tiny Town Train Time past the Hour 
Clowning Around  Collecting and Representing Data
Munch and Crunch Doubling and Halving 


ABCya! Educational Maths Games

For Teachers

In Primary Maths collection:


  • ‚ÄčAddition 0-12 513.211 ADD
  • Fun with Sums: Addition and Subtraction 510.76 MAT
  • Math Bingo: Addition and Subtraction 510.76 MAT
  • Subtraction 0-12 513.212 SUB
  • Win with Maths: Early Numeracy Games 793.74 BOO
  • Fraction Action 513.26 FRA
  • Fraction Dominoes 513.26 FRA
  • Fraction Formula 513.26 FRA

Teaching Resources

  • DecaCards 513.5 DEC
  • Giant Magnetic Base Ten Set 513.55 GIA
  • Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set 513.55 GIA
  • Multilink pattern boards, number tracks and bases 510 LIN
  • Numbers 1-100 Flashcards 513.211 NUM
  • Play money sets 332.4 PLA
  • Box of Facts 513.2 IRO
  • Fraction Circles 513.26 FRA
  • Fraction Tiles 513.26 FRA

Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

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  • fractions
  • mental computation
  • fractions
  • reasoning
  • statistics

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