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Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Visit this web site for resources on

  • fractions
  • mental computation
  • fractions
  • reasoning
  • statistics




Big Books

Title  Mathematical Concept
A Simple Stew  Growing Number Patterns
Cupcake Capers Take-away Subtraction 
The Flower Pot Hen  Representing Data 
Stella’s Store Skip Counting by Five
Mice, Mice Everywher Static Addition
The Best Bug Non-Standard Units of Length   
Muddy, Muddy Mess  3D Object and 2D Shapes
The Cat Nap Time on the Hour 
Ten Happy Hens  Take-away Subtraction
The Space Party Multiplication (Equal Groups) 
Patterns Here, Patterns There  Patterns
Addtron Using Doubles to Add


ABCya! Educational Games

For Teachers

In Primary Maths collection:


  • Bus Stop 795.1 BUS
  • Connecting People: Learn to Count and Sort 793.74 CON
  • Fun Fun Mathematics 513.2 FUN
  • Spotty Dogs 513.2 SPO

Teaching Resources

  • DecaCards 513.5 DEC
  • Giant Magnetic Base Ten Set 513.55 GIA
  • Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set 513.55 GIA
  • Multilink pattern boards, number tracks and bases 510 LIN
  • Numbers 1-100 Flashcards 513.211 NUM

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