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PLC: Home

Who were the first staff members?

Front Row: Carolyn Sainty, Jocelyn Martin, Peter Weier (Deputy Principal), Bronwyn Dolling (Principal), Janine Stone, Sue Arahill ; Second Row: Deslie Christensen, Jannene Hanlon, Erika Carver, Ruth Krause, Brian Doolan, Mike Healy, Sue Sweck, Roslyn Fearnside ; Absent: Paul Manuel, Robyn Mensforth, Karen Perrett, Lyndal Ferris, Jane Siles

School Magazine 2001

Look at the first school magazine from 2001 - see the school archive for a copy of the magazine.


Photos of buildings and facilities in 2001

construction of the school

school buildings in 2001

school buildings

First Chapel

First day - Year 4-5 classroom

First day - Year 6 classroom

Kangaroos on the school grounds

Dr Dolling in the first office building

the junior school playground in 2001

view of school buildings

Pastor Rick, students and a view of the school

What is the meaning of our logo?

 Read the excerpt below from the student handbook.

Class Photos 2001

First Prep class, 2001

Front Row: Kathryn Turner, Taylah Golden, Renae Earle, Seline Fallon, Abbey Wilkinson, Bryna Moore, Ellie Jordan, Kiara O'Rourke, Emma King ; Second Row: Kade Savage, Jack Doolan, Kayla White, Peta Mason-Bradley, Lara Bowen, Aaron Hampton, Ari Williams ; Third Row: Rhys Persoon, Casey Dyke, Drew Russell, Joshua Howie, Thomas Land ; Absent: Jessica Fish ; Teachers: Mrs Sue Sweck and Miss E. Carver (Aide)

Year 1, 2001

Front Row: Kalan Whybird, Emma Middleton, John Jackson, Rachael Burnes, Liam Watt, Katie McGrath, James Tait, Sherri Bucknall, Alexander Elliott ; Second Row: Matthew Hall, Jonathan Maat, Jacqueline Sprott, Luke Roth, Cian Thompson, Joshua Croke, Bryden Page ; Absent: Zandalee Clarke ; Teacher: Ms S Krause

Year 2-3, 2001

Front Row: Tanya Clifford, Dylan Hughes, Danica Belletty, Nicholas Roth, Courtney Hollindale, Kiran Puri, Emma Vaughan, Mark Turner, Jasmin Fox ; Second Row: Alexander Drabsch, Christopher Hampton, Jillian Bates, Lauren Moody, Kayla Bucknall, Cale Ross, Samuel Flesser ; Third Row: Tyler Bell, Daniel Onyschko, Nicholas Weier, Matthew Leacy, Peter Jackson ; Teachers: Mrs Janine Stone and Mrs D. Turner

Year 4-5, 2001

Front Row: Renae Hursthouse, Olivia Sprott, Keely Fearnside, Ryan Leo, Tiara Williams, Thomas Sweck, Sharleene Fox, Kyla Bartlett, Tenielle Fraser ; Second Row: Bianca Thompson, Alison Sales, Jake Bendle, Samantha Curro, Arun Puri, Blake Wilkinson, Nicole Fox, Christopher Drabsch, Grace Stephenson, Christine Riddell ; Third Row: Stephanie Otte, Matthew Hollindale, Gemma New, Timothy Vaughan, Brooke Moody, Jake Crabbe, Brooke Larkman, Kristopher Curd, Caitlin Bell ; Teacher: Mr Peter Weier

Year 6, 2001

Front Row: Luke Middleton, Stephanie Martin, Michael McNeilly, Samantha Goulter, Kira Fraser, Timothy Middleton, Annalysse Jolly, Cody Cordingley ; Second Row: Stephanie Gorton, Rebecca West, Patrick Laver, Lewis Stephenson, Danielle Stephens, Sophie Kurz ; Third Row: Anna Angel, Stacey Higgins, Emma Bendle, Natalie Sprott ; Teacer: Mr Brian Doolan

Citrus House (later Bula), 2001

Front Row: Samantha Goulter, Michael McNeilly, Anna Sweck, James Kurz, Katelyn Angel, Justin Fitzgibbon, Stacey Dooley, Lewis Stephenson ; Second Row: Sophie Kurz, Natalie Sprott, Megan Weier, Ashleigh McCormack, Amanda Goulter, Anna Angel, Emma Pentland ; Third Row: Mitch Brown, Ben Gilchrist, Zack Stapleton, Brett Thompson, Trent Larkman ; Teacher: Mr Brian Doolan

Teal House (later Mumba), 2001

Front Row: Annalysse Jolly, Tim Middleton, Leilani Hanlon, Kathryn West, Nathan Fox, Stephanie Martin, Luke Middleton ; Second Row: Larissa Hursthouse, Rebecca West, Myeong Waterhouse, Lucy Juretic, Rebecca Mackenzie, Danielle Stephens ; Third Row: Jodie Stephens, Williams Barlow, Emma McGuire ; Absent: Carly Perrett ; Teacher: Mrs J. Hanlon

Navy House (later Wira), 2001

Front Row: Cody Williams, Jacqueline Riddel, Grant Otte, Stephanie Schlaikier, Thomas Balle, Jessica Siles, Kameron Rhodes, Kira Fraser ; Second Row: Mikaela Pryor, Emma Bendle, Stacey Higgins, Samantha Webb, Katrina Cahill, Stephanie Gorton ; Third Row: Ben Griffiths, Wesley McMillan, Wesley Bremner, Patrick Laver, Alex Duncan ; Absent: Natalie Sommerville, Evelina Niedzwiecki ; Teacher: Mrs S. Fallon

Whole School, 2001

How has the school changed over time?

aerial photo 2009

aerial photo 2009

aerial photo 2009

aerial photo 2009

aerial photo 2009

map of PLC, 2015

map of PLC, 2016

map of PLC, 2019

map of PLC, 2022

PLC Master Plan