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Time Management: Home

Setting up a Study Timetable

Overcoming Procrastination

20 strategies to overcome procrastination (Student Services Centre, Edith Cowan University)  

Controlling procrastination (Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources, 2017)  

Motivating yourself to study (Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources, 2017)  

Overcome procrastination with these 18 powerful tips (Marelisa Fabrega, Daring to Live Fully)  

Procrastination (California Polytechnic State University , 2017)  

Study skills: tips for overcoming procrastination (Presbyterian Ladies College, 2015)  

Tips for overcoming procrastination (Trudy Wilson, Talking Minds)  

Time Management

Web Sites on Time Management

Study skills – time management (University of Ottawa)  

Time and project management; problem solving (Joe Landsberger, Study Guides and Strategies Website)  

Time Management (Algonquin College)

Time management (Learning Lab, RMIT University)  

Time management (Joe Landsberger, Study Guides and Strategies Website)  

Time management and organization (Fairhope Middle School)  

Time management matrix (Office of Academic Advising, Rice University, 2014)  

Time management tips (California Polytechnic State University , 2017)  

Time management. Beat work overload. Be more effective. Achieve more. (Mind Tools, 2017)  

Using time management to improve study skills (Education Corner, 2017)  

Weekly planner (Office of Academic Advising, Rice University, 2014)  

Year 11 and 12 study skills: time management (Deakin University, 2017)  

Books in our Library on Study Skills